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For Speakers

Preparing your Presentation

Guidelines for:

Session Moderators
Podium Presenters
Poster Presenters

Contact your session moderator:

Session Chairs and Moderators


Guidelines for Draft Paper Upload

The deadline for draft paper submission has been extended to Friday, November 17, 2017.

Submit Draft Paper

Your Paper Must be Formatted Properly

Your draft paper must be based on the ASCE Proceedings Paper template.

  • Style: Unless specifically directed otherwise, ASCE Publications follow the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Paper Length: Technical papers should be between 6-10 pages and Case Histories should be between 12-15 pages. (On rare occasions, and subject to the approval of the Program Committee, 1-2 extra pages may be allowed for special circumstances.)
  • File Type: ASCE can only accept Word files; LaTeX files are not supported.

Upload Your Paper

  1. Upload your draft paper on the first tab, “Upload Draft Paper”.
  2. Review all paper data on the tab "Submission Information".
    Make sure the paper title in the database matches the title on your uploaded paper. Titles should be formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style and they should not be entered in either all lower case or all upper case. If you are unsure, this site will format the title for you. Click on the tab for "Chicago" and paste your title in the provided field to have the system capitalize it properly.
  3. Review all author data on the tab “Author Information”.
    Make sure you provide the full formal names of all authors, along with their credentials and employer/affiliation. We also require student status, email address, and country data. For country data, provide the country according to your primary mailing address, or the country from which you will travel to the conference. Update as needed to ensure accuracy: this is the information that will be used in the final program.
  4. Review all data on the tab “Copyright Transfer Agreement”.
    Review the information previously provided for transferring your copyright to ACSE on the tab “Copyright Transfer Agreement.” Update as needed.
  5. Click on “Save” to preserve the work you have completed so far, but be sure to click on "Submit" when you have finished. Without the click on “Submit” the database will not recognize that your entry has been completed, and your paper will not be considered for review.
  6. Bookmark this link: to return to the CATALYST site as needed. Record your login information for your return.

For more information about uploading your paper, see the CATALYST Guide.

Submit Draft Paper

What Happens Next?

Draft papers will be judged on: 1) your treatment of the subject, 2) how well your paper conforms to the required ASCE format, and 3) overall quality. Each of these topics has a number of sub-questions on which your paper will be ranked on a scale of 1 = poor to 5 = excellent. Due to programming limitations, we will not be able to automatically send you the full review screen, but you will receive the total score, reviewer comments, and your reviewer-marked-up paper if one was uploaded.


  • For technical support related to the CATALYST submission system: click on "Support" on the top left segment of the screen. If you are having trouble logging in, send a message to [email protected].
  • For support related to overall program logistics or ASCE conference policy: contact Helen Cook.
  • For general program inquiries, contact the conference chairs: Ellen M. Rathje, University of Texas at Austin and Adrian Rodriguez-Marek.
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